I have a agency that helps businesses with their search engine optimization (SEO). Ive gotten to know many different types of web hosting companies throughout the years. SEO is the process of getting websites to appear on search engines such as google , yahoo and bing. This process allows businesses to get more traffic to their website.

Ive been doing SEO for many years and this skill has taken many years and thousands of hours to master. While some things are constantly changing there are many fundamentals that stays the same

Search engine Optimization

There are hundreds of companies out there that want to be in the number 1 spot in the country.

You may have found our website “ Top 10 Web Hosting South Africa “ website because of our rankings on google and hopefully this website has helped you find what you were looking for and given you added value

Its important that your website is visible so it can be found easily by your potential customers. So once your have your website online its time to do start your SEO campaign. A website will not rank by doing nothing. You need a plan and massive effort to get your website optimized.