Host Website Rankings for 2017

Things are changing every year. This year we are creating this info for web host rankings in 2017. There have been some old favorites remaining and some newcomers in this space.

Below is information which shows hosting companies I recommend and a link to reviews on each

There are a few companies that I review , some on shared hosting and others for wordpress hosting. Others offer even more than that. If you have questions you can contact me and we can chat about the options available.

Hosting a website in 2017

There are a number of different pricing options from website hosting companies in 2017. It can be very confusing if you don’t know what to look for. While you may think that signing up for the cheapest host may be a good idea there could be a number of other factors that you may be overlooking which can cause problems later. In the long term it is often beneficial to not use the cheapest host. Use my tips on finding the best web hosting service for your needs.

Keep the focus on your website

What is the goal of your website? what is your websites purpose? Is it a blog that will only be viewed by a few people  at a time like friends and family or a some other personal site?

Is it a business website or a e-commerce store? If you ask these questions you will have a better idea of which type of hosting you need. The less important the website is the cheaper your hosting can be and the less important your choice needs to be. However if you have an important website such as a business website or store that requires maximum uptime and resources then you will lean towards the dedicated hosting. Remember if you are doing business you can’t afford your your website to be down or slow for your visitors.

Think about your Growth potential

If your business is growing at a fast pace then you may need to think more about your choice of we hosting. Are you gaining customers at a fast pace or are you expecting to have a publicity or a massive PR burst? Think about your need for website resources and how it will increase in the near future. Plan wisely if you are expecting a large increase in traffic . If you have a cheap web hosting package it will not be sufficient and changing hosts could be challenging if you are with a bad host. Switching hosts can sometimes be difficult with cheaper hosts. Also think of the support offered by your website host. It can be a nightmare if your website is down and you can’t get good support.

Find out what the most popular website hosts are

There are 2 main types of servers you can use from web hosting companies.




If you are using a shared server it will share resources from other websites hosted on the same server.

Virtual servers can provide a lot more resources and stability than shared servers. These are the recommended choice for small businesses that operate a commerce store

Dedicated servers are servers that are entirely dedicated to your website. These are typically used for corporate or business websites that have high traffic running through their sites. Dedicated servers are the most expensive  but they offer the most resources and have a low downtime.

We have done some web hosting reviews on our site. You can find the links and click through to the review

Also read about the SEO tool we use to track our sites and we endorse. This tool we use every day and we suggest yo use something similar if you are planning to do search engine optimization on your website.